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April 17, 2009

Facebook is EVIL!

. . . Or is it? Frankly, I think Richard Clark makes some excellent and often overlooked points about the much maligned hobby.

. . . Facebook destroys my tendency to focus on myself exclusively and forces me to focus outwardly. While those who claim Facebook is too narcissistic write lengthy theological and ethical tomes for their blogs which happen to be named after themselves, I find myself genuinely interested in people I am “friends” with on Facebook. While I recognize that reading status messages, writing on walls and sharing quiz results does not equal a relationship, I do believe that they can aid one. Recently a status message on Facebook indicated that a friend of mine was having a hard time, which tipped me off that maybe I should call him. We had a really good talk and the friendship is better for it.  

(H/T David Wayne on, yes, Facebook!)
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Thru Facebook, I have been reconnecting with family members and meeting new family members...as well as reconnecting with old friends. This part is a wonderful blessing! Some family members are reaching out to a grown nephew who is going thru a bad time!

Facebook is powerful. Thus it can be misused. My teen daughter (who is very pretty) is getting notes from young males who want to meet the cute blonde girl. This is a potential problem---if she does not handle this attention correctly.

I encourage people to require their underage kids list them as "friends". And if (like my daughter) their youth leaders are added on as more "friends" so much the better. Be aware---one can write private notes to someone else. But generally, you as a "friend" can view your child's public posts and their friends' public posts to that child.

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