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April 07, 2009

Daily roundup

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Jason Taylor

It actually doesn't say anywhere except the headlines that it was specifically to avoid offending the Germans. But it is unlikly they will be offended. A gentleman does not begrudge a former enemy's desire to honor his war dead. To say German's do is to say that Germans are uncivilized. And to fear that they will means either that Obama does not have a proper sense of what is civilized or cares more about the opinions of people he thinks uncivilized then the opinion of Americans.
But it sounds more like it was just a scheduling difficulty. Though that is not the sort of thing one has scheduling difficulties over.

Gina Dalfonzo

I don't think they meant "offending" in that sense -- see the paragraph about trying to maintain a balance among the visits to Britain, France, and Germany.

Jason Taylor

It is as well that "perfidious Jews" is dropped. There is no doctrinal point to it and kindness in this case trumps tradition. It was(to put the kindest light on it)probably put in at a time when Jews were the only non-christians most people saw and thus the only temptation to apostasy. That overexagerrated excuse is obsolete as we no longer live in a Medieval world for better or for worse(in fact for both as such things always are).

Steve (SBK)

I haven't listened to the recent Craig/Hitchens debate at Biola University, but from what I've read, Craig quickly dismisses the Multiverse theory.
Not having the time to learn String theory, what is it about String theory that necessitates a 'multiverse'? (Is it something along the lines of the required 'extra dimensions' I hear about?)

In any event, I don't think it solves the problem of origination, just pushes it up a level.

Comments from the learn-ed?

Jason Taylor

The Multi-verse theory, far from justifying evolution removes any possible objection to the literal Genesis account. Indeed it removes any possible objection to almost anything. The corralary to it is that the laws of nature are in fact not necessarily true through all of time and space. Given the big heap of unfalsifiables it drops in our laps, it really does restore science to its proper place, which is in fact to study the natural world as we know it right now and to cease assuming there is nothing beyond. Especially as each universe, in relation to another would be the equivalent of Elfland.

Steve (SBK)

Good thoughts Jason.
I'm just curious if String theory "predicts" "multiple universes", or "multiple dimensions", and whether it "predicts" that those "multiplicities" in fact have different fundamental properties or whether that is a metaphysical addendum.

Jason Taylor

By definition, nothing can be scientifically predicted which is outside the framework of nature. Therefore it can only be speculated.

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