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April 24, 2009

Daily Challenge: Walk the Walk

St. Patrick's nephew, Sechnall (St. Secundinus) wrote a poem about his uncle, outlining his many virtues (humility, love for God and people, a devoted prayer life, a life filled with good works). 

These stanzas in particular caught my attention since they challenge me to make certain my walk matches my talk:

Christ's holy precepts he keeps in all things,
His works shine bright among men,
And they follow his holy wondrous example,
And thus magnify God the Father in the heavens.

Greatest indeed will be called in the kingdom of heaven
The man who fulfills with good deeds the holy words he teaches,
Who by his good example is a leader and model to the faithful,
Who in purity of heart has confidence in God. 

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As I listen to the scary news about the swine flu, as there are lots of things to worry about in the world today, it's good to remember - that God still wants me to trust Him...

St. Patrick & those like him lived endangered lives - and they still remembered to live holy & not fretfully...

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