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April 16, 2009

Caffeine is good for your spiritual life

Coffee At last, I have proof!

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And if Zoe happens by your cup with spare change in her hand, you get a two-fer: enhanced spirituality, *and* an exercise of it!

(Poor thing; I hope she doesn't really feel as guilty about that as it would appear. Sure is funny, though.)

Jason Taylor

Now that's a funny idea. Saracens used to keep killjoy Imams at away by telling them that coffee kept them awake long enough to say their prayers.


Quote from the "Fischtank" which quotes a study on Caffeine improving rational thot

"...Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia released a study showing that caffeine makes people more open to logical argument, even when it runs counter to their previously held opinions..."

I'm waiting for the study on Chocolate---then I will be set!!!


NorseMum, chocolate is an antidepressent, an anti-cancer agent, and more.

So clearly the cafe mocha is a health drink!


Rachel Coleman

Chemists dubbed the mood-boosting agent in chocolate "anandamide," from the Sanskrit "ananda," which connotes well-being, "love bliss," or, as Madeleine L'Engle put it when naming one of her fictional dogs, "so much joy the universe can't contain it."


From labrialum
"NorseMum, chocolate is an antidepressent, an anti-cancer agent, and more.

So clearly the cafe mocha is a health drink!


My answer YEAY!!!
Now, I'm waiting for
the "VRS" syndrome to be widely verified in the news, etc...i.e. the Viking Raid Syndrome.

What VRS means is that I have the need to shop---till I drop since my Viking ancestors' raids show that I have the genetic predisposition to acquire lots of stuff---fast.
..which of course means that I can say the DNA made me do it. (sorry Flip Wilson for misquoting you!)

I'm not "dissing" the actual research on caffeine & coffee...
but hey---as long as postmoderns are inventing stuff...maybe I should cash in also by inventing needs - syndromes that just happens to justify me doing what I feel like doing....

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