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April 15, 2009


Bravo to Susan Boyle, another surprising contestant in the Britain's Got Talent competition. I hope she wins. 

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"... for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." What better poetic definition of inspiration is there, than to feel the thrill of suddenly experiencing beauty that was previously known perhaps only by God, and to thereby have one's cynicism replaced with joy?

Benjamin Ady

Okay, the truth is I posted this over at my own blog, and pathetically failed to give y'all the Hat Tip, 'cause I don't want my friends to know I read over here (yeah, secretly sneaking over to read the point =).

However, that *rocks*. I love this song--possibly my favorite song in Les Mis, and it rocks that she kind of "showed them!" Susan rocks. And Diane rocks for posting it. This is why I poke my way over to the point occasionally. Sometimes y'all find such gems. thank you!

Thank you!

Gina Dalfonzo

No need to apologize about the hat tip, Benjamin. I think we all do that occasionally. :-)


Last I heard...over 12 million hits on her singing & still counting!

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