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April 23, 2009

What the HECK?

Baby shaking At some level, I understand why some people like to play violent shoot-'em-up video games. Even though I usually don't like it, I get it. But WHAT was supposed to be the point of this?

(Image © Sikalosoft/Apple, which should be darned well ashamed of themselves)

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Steve (SBK)

"St Augustine defines virtue as ordo amoris, the ordinate condition of the affections in which every object is accorded that kind of degree of love which is appropriate to it." (from C.S. Lewis's "Abolition of Man")

In this case, it seems someone has misplaced priorities.

Jason Taylor

That is barely gross enough to comment on.

Jason Taylor

Excuse me, it is obviously gross enough. I mean it is barely respectable enough to comment on-just respectable enough to point out that it is not in fact respectable enough.

Steve (SBK)

And just saw this: http://www.creativeminorityreport.com/2009/04/save-digital-babies.html

Now THAT... is satire at its finest.


Well, Gina, in the Garden of Eden the origin of Original Sin was when Eve took a bite of the ___ ...?

It proves Genesis 6:5, which reads in the NIV "The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time."

I've endured transoceanic flights where a child was screaming for hours at a time. Without an adequate moral foundation I could have been tempted to think "I'd like to shake that kid until the screaming stops." (My morality told me to put myself in the place of the parent who was probably doing their best, and in the place of the child who was upset by a new, painful environment.) This game simply provides wish-fulfillment. It's not unlike that Wild West video game of some years ago where the objective was to shoot as many male Native Americans and rape as many female Native Americans as possible before time ran out. It graphically demonstrates one of Chuck's most poignant repeated themes: where morality leeches out of a society, people become all the more willing to kill one another for merely being irritating.

Or, to demonstrate some solidarity with labrialumn (since I'm kinda a teddy bear myself), last time God send a Flood - next time, He'll send fire.

Rachel Coleman

Some copy editor somewhere didn't proof the iPod promotional materials carefully ... the name of the company that developed this game must be, in fact, "SICK alosoft." Not Sikalosoft.

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