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March 30, 2009

Walter Hoye update

Pastor hoye The pastor in jail for peacefully protesting abortion is serving God as he serves his 30-day sentence. Last week, Walter Hoye's wife, Lori, reported, "Walter had already been in Bible study with some of the men in his unit. On Sunday just prior to my visit Walter had led one man to Christ. God is truly blessing Walter's presence in Santa Rita, and many men are seeking his counsel about their lives and situations."

Jill Stanek has contact information for Rev. Hoye at her blog, for those who would like to send him a letter of encouragement.
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Billy Atwell

What a strange history we have. In the 1920's Margaret Sanger engages in her racist campaign to weed-out the black race through abortion. In the 1960's we have the civil rights movement to create equality for all people, regardless of race. Now our government deems it appropriate to jail a black man for exercising his right to free-speech against abortion. Racism, then victory, and now prejudice against those who defend innocent life. A real shame.

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