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March 02, 2009

Stand up, John!

1776 Over at Big Hollywood, the blogger known as "Stage Right" has a wonderful tribute to one of my favorite musicals ever, 1776, which turns forty this month. (You can see my enthusiasm all over the comments section over there -- and yes, I did say that William Daniels should have beat Marlon Brando for the Oscar the year that the show was made into a film. So sue me.) There's nothing quite like a show that can give you goosebumps as the Declaration of Independence is being signed. To read SR's delightful post, which includes plenty of video clips from both film and stage, click here.

If you plan to record, rent, or buy the movie, or listen to the cast album, note that the show contains profanity and vulgarity. It's a great educational experience, but not for the littlest ones.

(Image © Columbia Pictures Corporation)

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Kim Moreland

I'm a fan of the musical too! I own the CD, in fact, I have owned two copies but my daughter permanently borrowed the first one. ;-)

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