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March 11, 2009

The end of opportunity

Sarah and James Parker When President Obama signs the omnibus bill that was just passed by the Senate, which includes a provision that will defund the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program, he'll be kicking two of his daughters' own schoolmates out of Sidwell Friends and sending them back to the stagnant D.C. public school system. Bill Bennett writes:

The Omnibus legislation . . . strips funding for 1,700 poor and minority students in Washington, DC who receive federal aid to attend private schools.  The DC Opportunity Scholarship program died in the Senate last night with the Omnibus vote, despite DC Superintendent Michelle Rhee supporting it and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan stating he would like to see the students in that program stay in it.  Keep in mind, the Opportunity Scholarship program currently helps two students attend Sidwell Friends School, where Barack and Michelle Obama send their two daughters, so it now looks like Sasha and Malia will have two less school mates in 2010 as a result of the vote yesterday.  As Virginia Walden Ford said:  "I’d like to see a reporter stand up at one of those nationally televised press conferences and ask President Obama what he thinks about what his own party is doing to keep two innocent kids from attending the same school where he sends his."

I guess the Obama girls are just lucky that daddy and mommy are rich and powerful. If they were in James and Sarah Parker's place, they'd be out on their ear.

(Image © Deborah Parker)

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Yeah, I've been following this too. SO infuriating. I mean, it's $6K per child. The District spends more than FOUR TIMES that amount per public school student, and they get much higher dropout rates, worse test scores, worse grades, and worse parent satisfaction ratings. Four times the cost, and four times the aggravation ... typical Big Govt performance.

Obama is more of the bloody same when it comes to education. Nanny State knows best, and Nanny State says that whatever the Diaper Baby Leftist Teacher Union wants, Diaper Baby Leftist Teacher Union gets.

Joe Dalfonzo

This must to be sent to Katie Couric and Whoopie and all the other Obama fanatics. If I had the money, I'd post this on every billboard in the District - maybe they could even get a new slogan for their license plates to replace that whiney taxation without representation thing. Something like "Nuthin is 2 gud for DC kidz" would seem appropriate.

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