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March 20, 2009

Global Warming, a New Kind of Morality

Earth3 Thanks to Pointificator Michael Snow for alerting us to an important video hosted by scientists refuting the global warming myth.  

The Discovery Channel (among others) is making a bunch of money running global warming stories, so I suggest that it is important for all of us to become educated on this worldview issue (Humans vs. Earth). Michael Snow is correct about who will suffer the most from bad policy decisions based on error-ridden science: the poor. 

Myths are hard to break. For instance, malaria was well on its way to being wiped out before Greeners decided that DDT was bad for the environment. (See Dr. Robert Cihak's article DDT vs. Death by Malaria.)

It always amazes me that we throw out perfectly good ethical and moral priniciples and replace them with nonsense. I guess St. Augustine was right: "our hearts are restless till they find rest in Thee." If we don't find rest in God, we'll try to find rest in something else--like Earth worship and bad science.

(Image © The Discovery Channel)

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Since Algore released his Grade-B scifi movie, global temperatures have been dropping at a rate of 11* per century. It only takes a 2* drop to produce an ice age.

Certainly they are treating AGW as a replacement for religious morality in the public square and in private. That way they can feel self-righteous by their works of the law of recycling and minimum impact.


Is the overzealous adoration of the physical world---and its food---and NON human animals/plants a reawakening of the paganism of the past---21st century style?

Jason Taylor

It is a reflection of the fact that animals and plants are not quite as foolish as many modern people.

Kim Moreland

Yes Vikingmother, I think the "Global Warming" tripe is nothing other than an building the altar for paganism. I also think that scientism has had a very great deal to do with it.

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