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March 12, 2009

When Ann met Bill

Coulter Maher I don't know about you guys, but this account of the recent Coulter/Maher debate depresses me. Maybe the debate was really full of substance and the reporter simply ignored it. But from the sound of things, we're desperately in need of thinkers who are better at debating ideas than slinging insults and profanities.

(Image © Reuters)

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Jason Ibrahim

According to Big Hollywood, Coulter did better than Maher:

Jason Taylor

Coulter and Maher insulting each other? Isn't that kind of a natural phenomenon?


Amen! Unfortunately, slinging insults is easier than developing a well-reasoned argument, so I fully expect it to continue.


Coulter is an entertainer by profession, not a thinker. Maher is just a professional hater.

I doubt the organizers would have wanted a discussion between Bill Buckley Mark II and an opposing number: it wouldn't get the ratings, it wouldn't make money.

That doesn't mean that there aren't many conservative and Christian thinkers, but they aren't wanted in that particular venue.

daniel Knight

Insults fit better in the 3 second sound bite.

You've become a "fast-whatever" culture; Not many desire to work thru the logic of sound reasoning.

And television anything is not about information, rather it is about advertising, so do whatever is necessary to get more viewers, give them the impression that you've given them more information in as short a time as possible before the next commercial break.


Does anyone really watch Bill Maher (or take him seriously)?

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