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March 27, 2009

Overreact much?

Palin debate I had thought I was beyond being flabbergasted any more by the press in this country, and then along comes Chris Matthews. How in heaven's name do you take a cute little anecdote about Sarah Palin praying with her youngest daughter (see paragraph 4 at this link), and turn it into a debate over whether Palin thinks McCain is the Anti-Christ?

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It's not just Matthews. McCain's people are pretty hacked off at this.

My question is, so if she couldn't find any McCainanites to pray with, did she just not pray?

Here's the link:


Gina Dalfonzo

"Did she just not pray?"

Did you read my first link, Andy? It answers that question. (Hence my mention of "Sarah Palin praying with her youngest daughter.")

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