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March 12, 2009

A new ball game

Connecticut's grab for power over the state's Catholic churches (referenced here) has been shot down after outraged protests by Catholic voters. But it's worth reading up on the issue to understand just what was involved in this attempt, in case something similar happens again. A good place to start is Kathryn Lopez's interview with Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage. Here's a sample:

LOPEZ: Critics point out that it is allegedly being pushed by same-sex-marriage opponents. Is this really about the gay-marriage debate?

BROWN: It certainly doesn’t pass the smell test. Gay-marriage activists have been very open about going after the LDS church because Mormons donated money and time to Prop 8. This certainly appears to be part of that same strategy, although Michael Lawlor, for one, has been pretty openly contemptuous of the Catholic church for some time — something insiders at Hartford know, but his East Haven constituents may not.

LOPEZ: It’s hard not to flash back to the Proposition 8 debate in California — which is really still going on, isn’t it? There seems to be less debate and more retribution on this issue.

BROWN: I do think we need to be realistic: Unless we find a way to organize lay Catholics and join with other people of faith to protect our liberties, we are going to be a huge target in blue states with a newly resurgent Democrat party — one of whose key base groups, gay-marriage activists, believe they are the civil-rights battle of the century and that opposition to their views is henceforth as illegitimate as racism.

These are not your mama’s liberals. It’s a new ball game.

But I also believe this as passionately: Every crisis is also an opportunity. Appalled as I am, I’m also looking forward to playing some brand new ball.
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Is this the same Kathryn Lopez who had a
Rick Santorum moment and said the reason a bestiality case happened in Massachusetts is because of gay marriage?

You can see her original offensive post at: http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=OGRlYTRiOTBkOGJlNWExZjJmOGRmNWM0M2VhZWU3Njc ).

Jason Taylor

Why is it offensive? If gays are offended by comparison with bestiality that certainly implies that they find it distasteful. Are they perhaps trying to repress others?

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