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March 04, 2009

Practicing the positive

Cl-booksign Speaking of Catherine's new book, here's a photo of her reading from it at her PFM book party yesterday, with Anne looking on in the background. And here's a snippet of what she was reading:

We've seen how important empathy is in the process of forgiveness. Empathy rehumanizes the other. It removes feelings of contempt as we discover an emotional understanding of the other person's thoughts, actions, and motives.

But just as the offending person or group needs to be rehumanized, so too there is a need for the groups to be depolarized. That means moving away from "you always" or "they always" statements back into a more nuanced view of group culture. If this work of depolarization hasn't happened in the forgiveness process, it must happen before parties can move from neutral to positive ground in the reconciliation process. Empathy can be a first step. Humility is a second. And we must understand, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, that "the line of good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being." In other words, in all hearts there is a mixture of good and evil.

There can also be merit in learning, remembering, or rehearsing the positive aspects of the other person or group. . . .

Where reconciliation has occurred, to maintain the health of the restored relationship, positive actions and thoughts need to replace the negative ones. Amends, restitution, and generosity on the part of the offender move the relationship back into the positive direction. But both parties need to practice positive interactions.

(Image © Gina Dalfonzo)

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