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March 10, 2009


EquationsYou math geniuses thought I was just being a ditz when I talked about expressing ideas in equations. Now look -- they've built a whole contest around it!

I think some of our Pointificators ought to try for this. If you get one published, maybe we'll throw in a prize of our own.

(Image © Bob Staake for The Washington Post)

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Blogging on the Point = Fun + knowledge

Was going to square the fun+knowledge but couldn't figure out how to get the little 2 in the right place!


Aw, that's sweet!

Rolley Haggard



The following don’t fit the contest rules, but they were fun.

¢ wise, £ foolish

Faith + Ø = justification

We’re living in the End X

Red Sea / Moses

To give > to receive

Old testament sacrifice = give the λ ax

π – π = The last supper


Ooh, I can hear the groans starting, so I’ll leave you with this benediction --

Fellow Pointificators, believe me when I say, I will love you all ~ end of time


ROLLEY = WIT + T (or is it T + WIT?)


Gina wrote: "You math geniuses thought I was just being a ditz [...]"

Hmm - if I left you with *that* impression, then clearly I went from being LeeQuod to LeeClod; I'm rather certain you could stump me on some point of English Lit that "everyone should know". I treasure our diversity of giftings, even as I have fun with them sometimes.

And I've known math geniuses; I don't qualify by any means. Math poseur, maybe. Just *maybe*.

I couldn't figure out how to enter the contest in the limited time I have (do you need to sign up for some membership or something?), so like Rolley I'll post here instead. My first thought echoes becky's somewhat:

The Point = blog + community + profundity - vapidity


The second is Rolley-esque (not as good as his, particularly the lambda one, but still rather impish):

Allen = 1 / Gina

(Read as "Allen got one over on Gina" - which is true in the sense that there's at least one person at The Point who believes it.)


Following the contest rules, this one is accurate:

Editor = blogger + imprimatur + nihil obstat


The restriction on famous sayings makes this one invalid:

money = sqrt(all evil)

Besides, only SBK is likely to get it anyway.


This one's obscure unless you know your KJV, and it uses repeated multiplication to indicate raising something to a power:

Noah's Ark = (300 x (it x it x it)) x 50 x (it x it x it)) x (30 x (it x it x it))


In math when you put something between two vertical bars, ||, it means "the absolute value of". So,

|commenting at The Point| = iron x iron

When I don't interact with y'all for a while, my iron definitely needs sharpening.


One more in the spirit of Rolley (even though I'm a poor subs2tute):

πty = confidence & blameless ways = hope

(See Job 4:6 NIV)


Nah, it's not you guys who make me feel ditzy. It's math itself that has that effect on me. :-)

And although I haven't used my KJV much since my days in Baptist high school, I remember the "Noah" routine from my dad's Bill Cosby records very well: "Lord, what's a cubit?"

For anyone who wants to enter the "Post's" contest, look at the fourth paragraph at the link, the one that begins "Other runners-up . . ." All instructions for e-mailing or faxing your entry are there. If anyone decides to try it, best of luck!

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