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March 03, 2009

A Massacre of Liberty

Hoye022009 Reverend Walter Hoye was recently sentenced to thirty days in jail. Hoye didn't beat anyone, didn't break in or destroy anything, didn't threaten anyone. His crime was that he was peacefully protesting abortion within 60 feet of an abortion facility. He was the latest person who landed in jail due to a bad law. 

The abortion lobby has some mighty powerful supporters because they managed to get one type of political protest made unlawful. In 1994, the Supreme Court made peaceful protest outside of abortion clinics illegal. See also herehere, and here.  

Before abortion promoters start squawking at me, there are already perfectly good laws already in place to be used to prosecute anyone who commits a destructive act like desecration of property or other acts of mayhem. This is just another instance of the dwindling freedom of some American citizens, implemented by other American citizens. It is a real massacre of liberty.

(Image courtesy of ProLifeBlogs.com)

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How do you 'desecrate' an abortion chamber? By spray-painting insults against Moloch on the wall or something?


Just read the Breakpoint commentary today where Chuck (I call him Chuck!) talks about medical personel losing the right to abstain from procedures that go against their beliefs. Along with this post, I think labrialumn's comment about Moleoch is pretty valid. Will we be forced to bow to the god of abortion or be thrown into a firey furnace? We might be closer than we think.

Ben W

I think "60 feet" is incorrect, as the actual ordinance prohibits "approaching within eight feet any person or motor vehicle seeking to enter the facility ... for the purpose of interfering, harassing, injuring, or intimidating the person or vehicle occupant" within 100 feet of an abortion clinic.

I have to say, that actually sounds reasonable. You can offer pamphlets to someone, you just can't impede her or get in her face.


Kim Moreland

when these procedures start, people always say we'll be able to stay away from the slippery slope, but look what happens a few years later. Healers are FORCED to become executioners.

Lord, have mercy on us and forgive us our sins.

Jason Taylor

I'm not big on sign-carrying. It reminds me to much of professional sowers of discord. But if we are going to have that, shouldn't such things work both ways? There are lots of liberal heros who were far more obnoxious.

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