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March 25, 2009

’A True Call for Revival’

Dr. Henry Blackaby offers these words about what it means to experience true revival, specifically how it means a "call for repentance" among God's people that he claims few of our spiritual leaders are giving despite the obvious need. He proposes that "revival has always been, and remains to this day, God dealing with the sin of His own -- not the world." [Emphasis mine.]   

It strikes me that we Christians spend a lot of time talking and blogging about the "sins of the world" and a lot less time considering how our own sin is contributing to the mess our nation is currently in -- whether it's economic, moral, spiritual, or political. Have we become so much like the Laodiceans that we cannot see our need for the Lord to correct us? Blackaby offers this observation:

"This lack of recognition of God's people to see their present spiritual condition frightens me. The continued neglect of dealing with the sin of God's people is both obvious and appalling. Have we moved so far from God that we remain content in our sin? Do we not fear the judgment of God? Week after week, wherever I go, I hear no mention of our desperate need of God. There's no spontaneous concern or cry to God. It's simply not on the minds and hearts of God's people -- at least where I am and where I travel." 

He then outlines five steps which Christians need to take in order to bring revival to America (you can read the full article for his list, and for the Scriptures undergirding each step). In Dr. Blackaby's mind, "the immediate need for revival among God's people is 'life and death' for our nation." Do you agree? 

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Glenn Sunshine

I remember an old revivalist preacher who said, "Revival is God's finger pointing at me." I think he's right--historically, revivals always began in churches and spread from there to the world. Evangelicalism in America has lost its moorings because we've adopted what Bonhoffer called "easy believism," not telling people that repentence, a fundamental change of the orientation of mind and heart, is part of the Gospel. As a result, we have lots of "converts" but few disciples. Until that changes, we aren't going to see the church have much impact on society because we are no different from the society at large. So yes, if revival comes, it will begin in the church, which means it will begin with me.


He is right on this.

(That is not an endorsement for Blackaby's teachings in general.)

Converts who aren't disciples? Is that a Biblically possible set?

The parable of the sheep and goats, the teaching about taking up your cross daily and following Christ, many teachings about practicing certain sins means you are not saved, will not inherit the Kingdom of God, all come to mind.

Paul K

Suppose there were someone calling for believers to recognize their need for repentance of sin. Suppose he pointed out to God's people their present spiritual condition and their neglect of dealing with sin. Suppose he called on people to humble themselves before God. Suppose he pointed out that to abide in the Father's love we must keep His commandments. Suppose this person sensed the awful judgment that is to come and issued a warning. Suppose he said one must become a disciple to enter the Kingdom of God. Suppose he said that practicing sin means you are not saved. Would this person not be persecuted, perhaps even by church people?

This person does exist. He is Pastor Wade Demers of Meridian, Mississippi, and he is being persecuted. Check it out: http://armofjustice.webnode.com/


Paul, there are many like him.

And there are also false brothers in our midst. And those who have been led astray by them.

All we can do is be faithful, and recall that our lives are living sacrifices, and that the cross we are to take up isn't a yoke, but an instrument of execution. Was it Bonhoeffer who said that Jesus bids us to come and die?

He who tries to save his life will lose it (man-pleasing) he who loses his life for My sake will save it.

Glenda Smith

These comments remind me of another article from this same site, " What Are We For? Living in the Middle of the Culture War", by Reverend Robert Lynn. I point all have responded to this page to read it...I think this is the answer to this perplexing issue.


Glenda, I tried Google-ing the article you referenced by Rev. Robert Lynn, but I couldn't find it. Do you have a URL, please? Many thanks.


To Ms Singer's question -
"In Dr. Blackaby's mind, "the immediate need for revival among God's people is 'life and death' for our nation." Do you agree?"

Yes I agree. In 1 Chr 7.14, God said that if His people were to humble themselves (ourselves) and pray and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways (repentence), then He would hear from hheave, forgive their (our) sin and heal their (our) land.

Too often we want to blame everything on Washington or Hollywood or Madison Ave but if we, the church, were busy making strong, mature disciples and sending them out as salt and light then our nation would be a much different place.

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