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February 26, 2009

White knot blacklist?

Add this to what Chuck was saying the other day about harassment via Google Maps, and it begins to look like we may be heading that way.

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If the people who have teardrops listed on Google maps would/could buy themselves a gun or a taser or - at the very least - some paintball guns - the harassment would stop.

Steve (SBK)

I have to say Chuck's commentary is very chilling of where things may be heading...

It makes sense to somehow limit information on donations (because it's pretty clear who/what you're voting for) as this would mimic the reason for secret ballots.

What else can be done?


Where's Jason Taylor when we need him? :-)


(Of course, if Jason were writing this he'd point out that a "thuggee knot" wasn't usually white. But he would note that thuggery and ropes have a long history together, and that there is some irony of this Hollywood symbol representing the cause for which those on the Google hit list are being attacked. Alas, though, he's not here, so none of you will get to know any of this.) :-)

SBK, one could create one's own Google map, showing where harassment had occurred. One could then direct real estate agents and business investors to that map, indicating that dangerous locations are risky choices for one's domicile or one's money - especially in this economy. (As Rolley might add, one could... or even two.)

Jason Taylor

I'm taking a partial computer break for about a day. I may have a better comment tomorrow LeeQuod.

Rolley Haggard

- -
( 0 )

“ZZZZZ . . .ZAWP . . . SKNXXX!“

^ -
( o)

“Huh, wha . . . ? What’s this? ANOTHER Point-o-gram? It is! Another Point-o-gram, alerting me to the possible indiscriminate use of my name. Surely this time it’s not . . . . IT IS! It’s LeeQuod, AGAIN! I can’t believe it! That guy is STILL at his computer! No wonder he’s able to comment fifteen times a day on every post ever posted. UNbelievable. It wears me out just thinking about it…..wears me OUT...just thinking about it... just thinking abou....just......

- -
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“ZZZZZ . . .ZAWP . . . SKNXXX!“


Jason Taylor wrote: "I may have a better comment tomorrow LeeQuod."

Jason, it's an absolute certainty you can improve on my comment above. But I hope your time away was good.


Oh, and fret not, Rolley. (Does a little bell go off every time I say "Rolley", like Clarence getting his wings in It's A Wonderful Life? Rolley, Rolley, Rol- OK, I'll stop.) I'll be posting less often for a while. Hopefully you can help keep the numbers up - that is, if you can keep *yourself* up. Here's some help: http://benin.worldcupblog.org/files/2008/09/squirrels20climbing.jpg

Rolley Haggard

Hey! I recognize that squirrel on the right! It's Steve!

And so is the one on the left!

And so is the one in the middle!

Jason Taylor

Actually Wikipedia says most of it. The Thuggee were suppressed by systematically penetrating them, turning the Thugs that were uncovered then using them to betray their comrades. A fammiliar process today, but one that was new back when espionage was not quite as well organized as today. The technique is rather stereotyped today. And looking back it does seem that the Thuggee were rather unresilient though to this day it is fairly common for a conspiracy to be torn up by simmilar means. It is likely that they had never faced a determined effort of this kind before. The Grand Mogul and the various princes and rajahs were hardly unfammiliar with the Great Game. But it may be, they had never done it so methodically, and in any case were likly more interested in each other then in an unlucky traveller here and there. Perhaps the lesson is that the English were Christians(sort of) and didn't dismiss individual loss of life as easy. Or else they were merchants and thus cared what happened on the roads. Or else they were evil imperialists and wanted to make sure of their power-except the Mogul was an imperialist too and he never bothered.
Or whatever.
Of course the suppression may conceivably not have been as successful as thought; maybe they just changed their MO. Which is one for a thirties comic series.

One interesting things about the story is that in the garrote, the hand grip had a coin tied into it, as a gift to Kali.

The anti-thuggee campaign was in the hands of East India Company official Sir William Sleeman.


Jason Taylor (welcome back!!) wrote: "The Thuggee were suppressed by systematically penetrating them, turning the Thugs that were uncovered then using them to betray their comrades."

Oh, you mean like one-on-one evangelism? SBK, there's your answer to what else can be done.

Jason Taylor

Actually it was probably more like the Jack Bauer method of "evangelization". In point of fact the technique more closely resembles temptation then evangelization.


Rolley wrote: "Hey! I recognize that squirrel on the right! It's Steve!"

So today my wife's at a friend's house, and in the backyard they find a tiny orphaned squirrel that is all disoriented and about to be killed by some cats. Violating all the laws and rules and advice that we've discovered since then, my wife puts it in a shoebox with some bedding, brings it home, feeds it some liquid puppy chow, gives it water, and names it... (drumroll) Edgar.

Sigh. If only she'd called me first.

(And as soon as Resurrection Sunday is past and they're open again, the local squirrel rescue agency will take him; I called but they were about to close. So please, no scolding. Thanks.)

Gina Dalfonzo

No scolding here, LeeQuod. I'm sure I'd have done the same thing, rules or no rules.

A very happy Easter to you and your wife and Edgar. :-)


Turns out that the rescue place was open this afternoon, and (to churlishly demonstrate the gap between nursing and veterinary medicine) Edgar is actually Edwina. So, as the Frank Peretti story says, "All Is Well".

Besides, "Stephanie" is a bit too formal a name for someone with a long, furry tail.

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