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February 24, 2009

Troubling the Devil

T.M. Moore recently wrote an article called "Troubling the Powers of Darkness" that contains this sobering thought:

The great work of the devil is to deceive the nations (Rev. 12:9). [However, we] must not think that the devil is active in his power only where we find examples of Satan worship, demon possession, or occult practices. These are mere demonstrations of his power, feints in a larger society to overwhelm the world by deception. The devil is particularly active wherever well-meaning people make choices and settle into lifestyles that contradict the holy and righteous and good Law of God. When men believe that abortion is a good thing, sexual license is a personal matter, others exist to make me happy, money and things are the measure of happiness and success, and that one person's view of truth is just as valid as another's, there the devil is in full-blown assault.... The fact that, in our day, presidents, judges, academics, scientists, financiers, leaders in business and the professions, and most people you and I know believe such things as these indicates that the devil, rather than fleeing for the high ground, has found an open field of battle to work his will.

So, what's the best defense against Satan's attacks? T.M. writes, "The battle for Truth has been engaged. It remains to be seen whether those who hold that Truth ... will go forth to trouble the devil and his henchmen." 

I hope each one of us will live such Truth-and-love saturated lives that we "trouble the devil" as he manifests himself in our culture. As James reminds us, if we submit ourselves to God and resist the devil, all he can do is flee (James 4:7).

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