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February 23, 2009

Thought for the day

I cannot see, my God, a reason why
From morn to night I go not gladsome, free,
For, if thou art what my soul thinketh thee,
There is no burden but should lightly lie,
No duty but a joy at heart must be:
Love's perfect will can be nor sore nor small,
For God is light -- in him no darkness is at all.

George MacDonald, Diary of an Old Soul

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Does anyone else feel inadequate when they read that? I do. Then I find myself wondering what the next verse was. Then I realize that I feel that way once in a while, and on that hopeful note, I move on to the next post...

Gina Dalfonzo

It makes me feel HORRIBLY inadequate. That's partly why I put it up. :-)

"Diary of an Old Soul" is a daily devotional, so that's all there was for today. I recommend the book very highly. A friend gave it to me for my birthday over five years ago, and I've been reading it every day ever since, starting over again at the beginning of every year. It still moves, inspires, and teaches me.

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