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February 20, 2009

Thanks to good ole Facebook . . .

Online networking

  • Your immune system could deteriorate
  • Your hormone levels could get screwed up
  • Bad things could happen to your arteries
  • You could get cancer, have a stroke, or develop heart disease or dementia 
  • Your brain could turn into mush

Well, maybe all of this is a tad fatalistic, but there might be something to it.

(Image © SPL)

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Mike D'Virgilio

If an "expert" claims it, it MUST be true. But regardless, we all know technology is certainly a mixed bag.

Of course it isn't the technology which is doing it, but the prior lack of face-to-face close relationships in family - such as the discussion in a more recent article regarding whether or not to have children, considering all of the (lying) Malthusian proclamation about an alleged lack of resources.

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