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February 19, 2009

Read a book, save a brain

It looks as though the much-hyped switch to digital television is going to be about as much of an event as Y2K. It's too bad really. Think what would happen if televisions in millions of American homes suddenly went dark. Maybe families would dig out that game of Monopoly or Parcheesi. Maybe neighbors would wave to one another from their front porches. Maybe we'd call it National Read a Book Day.

Apparently that last option is becoming less and less likely. I was sad to learn that the Washington Post has discontinued its Sunday Book World section. The Post will still run book reviews and articles, but not in a separate section. It seems likely that this will mean fewer articles about books and that those articles will get less readership. According to the NPR piece, only two newspapers in America will now have a separate section devoted to books.

It kind of makes you wonder if the Hulu commercial is humor or simply truth in advertising:

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Here's an idea -- since I'm not all that interested in the Oscars this year, I plan to read a book during the telecast on Sunday. Seems to me like the best form of rebuke. Anyone care to join me?

Gina Dalfonzo

Sorry, I've got the second half of "Oliver Twist" to watch and report on! :-)


[/Shameless plug]

Shannon Christman

I hadn't heard about The Washington Post, but our local paper just moved its two-page book spread from the Living section to the Money section and cut it in half. I can't imagine why the editors think books relate more to money than to life.

I'm glad there are still a lot of great places online to read about books.


Back to Travis' post ~ I decided to take the challenge to read the Bible in 90 days. Maybe a local church in your area has a group going, although some communities are even doing this. For more information, see www.biblein90days.org. The youth group at my church started this, and I decided to join them. Friends tell me that both new believers and mature Christians benefit from this challenge.


The Hulu commercial is both humor and truth. I intentionally declined to get a converter box, but my TV is still working. I was kind of hoping it'd go dark...

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