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February 02, 2009

’Not For Sale’

Wish you could find the time to curl up and read on a blustery winter afternoon? Looking for something to do during those lengthy work commutes when the weather just isn't blustery enough to stay home? How about something that feeds the soul while engaging the mind?

Each month the great folks over at ChristianAudio.com make available one of their wonderful audio books for free download. January 2009 had members fascinated and encouraged by the Oswald Chambers biography Abandoned To God.

And this month David Batstone's inspiring book on the fight against the modern-day slave trade, Not for Sale, is available. You've probably often heard us at BreakPoint addressing the issue of human trafficking (here, and here, to name a few instances). The issue is real. And disturbing. Mr. Batstone's book provides an excellent overview of just how real it is. So head on over to ChristianAudio.com and download the book for yourself! And while you're at it, check out this review.

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I realize this is probably not the right forum for this, so don't post this if you don't want to, but please, please pray for my niece. She is 19 and is flying to New York at the invitation of a 44 yr old man she gamed with on the Internet. He is paying for her ticket, expecting her to stay with him and it's just such a classic set up I can't believe she can't see it. She doesn't think anyone would want an obese girl like her, she just doesn't get it. How do I stop her? Please pray.

Gina Dalfonzo

I'm very sorry to hear it, Sue. I'll pray. Anyone who has suggestions for Sue, feel free to share them.

Rolley Haggard


If a stack of newspaper/magazine articles (many obtainable on the internet) and police briefs chronicling the unhappy outcome of similar trysts doesn't change her mind, I don't know what else, short of divine intervention, might.

So, assuming you've already tried the former, I'm joining with you and the rest here who are praying for "whatever it takes."

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