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February 19, 2009

Attack in Beirut

Journalist and author Christopher Hitchens was attacked by members of the Syrian Nazi party while on a trip to Beirut. Blogger "Ace" from Ace of Spades HQ, who was on the trip with Hitchens, has details. The story contains frequent profanity -- including what Hitchens wrote on one of the party's posters that sparked the attack.

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Better account here - http://exiledonline.com/christopher-blubber-jaw-hitchens-picks-a-three-against-one-fight-with-a-syrian-nerd-and-still-gets-his-ass-stomped/

There's some kind of neocon bully lesson in here somewhere...

Gina Dalfonzo

Rbk, Mr. Ames links to the exact same source that I did.

And are you seriously arguing that defacing a swastika poster is a bad thing? Because while I might not write the same words, I confess to admiring the sentiment.


Poetic justice for a pompous loudmouth.

Jason Taylor

Of course he's a pompous loudmouth. But being a pompous loudmouth has different consequenses in Beiruit. Which means his pomous loudness can be looked at differently.


It will be interesting to see if Mr. Hitchens will attribute this attack to Islam (since it occurred in a Muslim country), paganism (since the Nazi movement is based on that), or something else religious, since as he has said, "religion poisons everything".

I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that he *won't* attribute it to his own atheism. That would open the door to critiquing his own beliefs, which would cause his book sales to drop.

Jason Taylor

Of course he will attribute it to his own atheism. He will claim to be a victim of persecution. And in this particular case he won't be so far from the truth. He did go looking for trouble, so persecution isn't the right word. But he at least did that with people who were prepared to give trouble.

Steve (SBK)

I'll say this,
I would hope more people would stand up for what's right, against bullies like these Nazis, and have some intestinal fortitude, like Hitchens, (even if they ultimately have a contradictory worldview on the matter, like Hitchens).

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