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February 17, 2009

Glimpsing Real Health Care

Wise-waiting It felt like the Third World in Wise County, Va., where thousands descended upon the state fair grounds last July, not for Ferris wheels or snow cones, but for free eye and breast exams.

Every year 800 volunteer medical professionals provide basic health care—including more complicated procedures like tooth extractions and benign tumor removals—to more than 2,500 rural Virginians, many of whom make no more than $14,000 per capita. Most of whom—like 47 million other Americans—don't have health insurance.

Some drive hours for a chance to wait in a long line outside of the campgrounds. There are no guarantees that they will receive treatment. For some, a diagnosis of diabetes or cancer is all they will walk away with.

But to finally meet someone who cares … it’s enough to hang a little hope on.

“I thank God. I pray for them people up there. It’s great what these guys are doing,” said 44-year-old David Briggs, fighting off tears. He has had most of his teeth extracted and is looking forward to a new set of dentures.

After reading this piece, I wanted to know more about the doctors, dentists, and nurses who would donate their time to do what our broken health care system does not do: care.

I wanted to know if some beautiful faith in the great Healer compelled them to reach the least of these in the richest county on earth. I have no way of knowing. But I have a sneaking suspicion He has something to do with it.

(Image © Remote Area Medical)

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Health Cares are providing good treatment to their patients. But it's very bad that if one is only able to Glimpsing Health Care. Could anybody tell me the doctors that will give treatment in health care.

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