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February 18, 2009

Finding an ally in the community

225px-EricHHolder Our newly appointed Attorney General, Eric Holder, was the founder of a "community oriented" prosecution program during his tenure as attorney for Washington, D.C. His initiative to build allegiance between courts and communities still thrives. This commentary from National Public Radio on this approach to corrections highlights the benefits for community safety and well-being when prosecutors submit themselves as servants of the public. 

As the current director of D.C.'s program says so well, "I used to think that if we just arrested enough people and put enough people in jail, the kinds of problems we've been talking about would eventually go away. But I don't think that way anymore, because now I understand that we cannot arrest our way out of the problem."

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

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Jason Taylor

It is true we cannot arrest our way out of the problem; not least because the problem will always exist. However the State can certainly exacerbate the problem by pushing it's limits into the community in a sort of internal imperialism. Which is not to say anything specific, only to look before you leap.

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