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February 27, 2009

Daily roundup

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Jason Taylor

I'd like to know why the unicorn was chosen as an example. There is nothing inherantly unlikly about a hooved mammal with a single horn in the middle of it's head-other then the bare fact that it hasn't been found. Which only means there is no such thing on Earth, not that there never can be.


Oooh, Jason, you're a unicorn-agnostic :).

Jason Taylor

Guess so.


Hmm, on the surface, it would seem to deny bilateral symmetry.

Unless it were actually two antlers or horns twined together.

I'm trying to think if any odd-toed hooved mammals have horns or antlers. Rhino's horns are hair, so I don't know that they count.

A half-silly post once in a while might be a good thing. :-)

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