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February 17, 2009

Daily roundup

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Rachel Coleman

I'm glad you posted this link. The David Ogden nomination is very bad for parents and children and it makes my brain hurt.

Think about the contradictions in his positions:

* The man argues passionately for no restrictions on porn (access via computers at public libraries, even for children) and even represents purveyors (put Playboy in Braille at the Library of Congress). It's up to parents (not public librarians) to make those judgement calls for their kids, right?

* At the same time, he supports the UNCRC, which would compel American courts to follow United Nations policy about children's "rights," thereby stripping parents of the ability to discipline or catechize or home educate their children.

So -- don't expect the government to look out for your kid's moral well-being! On the other hand, don't make the mistake of thinking you can impose your spiritual beliefs on your kids.

Actually, it's not a matter of "contradictions." It's a potential Catch-22.

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