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February 24, 2009

Chuck Norris Is Fighting Mad

Norris Chuck Norris doesn't have too many kind words to say about the recent government bailout in this article (warning: some mild profanity). I must agree that passing the problem on to our children and grandchildren is not the solution. Here's what Chuck recommends:

We must restrain our government, and we must restrain ourselves. Feeding the money monster will not reduce its size -- it will perpetuate the problem.... We must return to a time when we put a bridle on the spending of government and of our households. We've got to simplify our lives. We've got to learn to be happier with less. We've got to get out of debt.

The apostle Paul told how he had learned to be content, regardless of his financial status. We, too, need to reject the cult of consumerism that got America into this mess and learn the wiser way of contentment, saving, and making what we have last longer and stretch further. While members of my family are fortunate in the sense that we still have jobs (and we're not in much danger of losing them at this point), we're all looking for ways to be better stewards of what God has provided. If for no other reason, we should do this so we will have extra resources to help those who have been hit hard by the economic downturn. 

Check out what your church or other compassionate ministries are doing in your city and think about how you can share what you have. Does the local foodbank need more donations? Do you have used clothing in good condition that you can donate to a homeless shelter or to the Salvation Army? Can members of your Sunday school class chip in to help pay someone's rent each month? What other ideas do you have for helping your fellow citizens weather this storm?

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Diane, those are good suggestions.

Just for some who might not understand it: not everyone in difficulty is so because of consumerism. Many have lost their jobs due to outsourcing. Many more to illegal immigrants. Many trusted their bankers or the government.

Too many of the disagreements online which I have seen to the bailouts haven't been about the dangers of giving too much power to too few people without sufficient checks and balances, or even about the deep and long-term harm to the economy it will cause, but from greedy people who condemn those less successful than themselves, and who wish to keep all that they have for themselves, as if it weren't all a gift from God. They would doubtless have a problem with God's jubilee laws (and this is actually the year of jubilee on the Jewish calendar) and the sabbath laws. We as Christians ought not to consider these laws of God to be immoral as if we were more righteous than He.

This isn't directed at you, Diane, you have great suggestions. This is for those who might read who might see the posts by the false conservatives out on the Net, who love Mammon more than God (and probably don't realize it)

Liz P

I couldn't agree more with Chuck Norris. Spending such a huge sum of money to rescue those companies and industries that are in dire need is not the answer. Obama doesn't seem to understand this. How can he promise to reduce the federal deficit yet sign for such an enormous stimulus package?

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