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February 27, 2009

Behind the scenes at The Point

This article sparked a heated argument via office e-mail yesterday: Are numbers inherently evil, or only abused by evil people? For fear of reprisal, I won't tell you who was on which side of the argument (like you didn't know). Just read it and decide for yourself.

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Allen Thornburgh

Huh. Well, for whatever it is worth, I ran the article through my proprietary Writer Quality Scoring Model, and it returned a 43.8 out of a possible 100.

Yeesh. ("Yeesh" is an applied mathematics term for "oof, that stinks!")

Jason Taylor

Of course numbers aren't evil. And that guy doesn't seem to have been either. It seems more like those fads that have periodically blown through the exchanges, from time immemorial.

I have a joke I used to tell my dad: "Forget that 'New World' stuff: it'll never come to anything. Tulips: that's where the money is."



As I read this article, a Bible verse came to mind. Paul was dealing with a different human frailty when he addressed the church in Rome, but the thought seems to apply: ... "They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things... "

Every time we fail to seek the truth we are, if not exchanging it for a lie, at least settling for a lie.


The financial crisis was caused by an electronic run on the banks on September 18th. In roughly two hours, 550 billion dollars had been withdrawn. The Treasury picked up on this and shut it down, or the entire world economy would have been completely crashed on that day.

Some have suspected the Muslims or the Red Chinese, but this has George Soros' MO all over it, similar to how he took down the British economy to overthrow the Tory government a few years back. Nor was that the only country where he has done this. It is no secret that the Holder of the Office of the Presidency is a sock puppet for///// the preferred choice of George Soros.

It was this event that Mike Huckabee and others have referred to as "economic terrorism"


Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if the we only had to contain the mischief, foolishness and downright evilness of one guy - or even a few dozen "bad bankers" and "greedy CEOs"?

Jason Taylor

Well yes, it would be a wonderful world if there were only a few evil bad bankers and greedy CEOs. Just like it would be a wonderful Middle Earth if Manwe could eliminate Sauron without destroying Middle Earth in the process and Frodo could go back to stealing mushrooms.
But as that is not the case we play the hand dealt us.
As for the George Soros theory, it is safer to ignore it for the simple fact that that leads into the Paranoid Style of Politics, of which we have had to much of in recent years.


Jason, should you really go around accusing people of paranoia without proof?

What is -your- explanation for the two hour withdrawal of 550 billion dollars from American banks?

Gina Dalfonzo

Calm down, please, labrialmun. Jason didn't say you were paranoid, he said that school of thought can lead in that direction.

Jason Taylor

Quite. Thank you, Gina. My point is that whether or not George Soros did such a thing, the effects of speculating about it are not all that good.

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