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February 24, 2009

A Lenten poll

Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll about watching the Oscars. And the envelope, please? (That's not mine -- I swiped it from Travis.)

Total Votes: 347

3.2% - 11
17.6% - 61
6.6% - 23
Just long enough to see the dresses
62.5% - 217
Wouldn't watch it on a dare
10.1% - 35

All lowbrow-ness aside, I think it's nice that we have a bit of a mix there. It's just my own personal theory, perhaps, but it always seems to me that any group of Christians is stronger and more balanced when it has some variety within the ranks in matters of taste and culture.

On to the new poll, which is on the righthand side of the page: How do you observe Lent? If you'd like to share more about that than the poll allows you to do, feel free to use the comment section below!

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