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January 09, 2009

Tim Tebow: Putting Football in Perspective

Tebow_philippines Both my parents graduated from the University of Florida (not to mention two uncles, two aunts, one brother, one sister-in-law, and over a half dozen cousins). When my mom's 23 chromosomes met up with my dad's and formed me, I got 100% Gator DNA. I've been a fan ever since. I love college football, but especially Gator football.

We've had our share of ruffians, but over the years it has helped to also see so many outstanding Christians among the Gator line-up. Danny Wuerffel was a particular inspiration to me when I was in high school and he was playing for the Gators and being so outspoken about his faith. His subsequent move to work with Desire Street ministries thrilled me.

Then when Tim Tebow came along, I couldn't have been happier. After accepting his Heisman Trophy last year, he traveled to the Philippines, where he had been born, to minister to orphans. I've heard a lot about him speaking in prisons. Last night on the pre-game show there were several minutes devoted to his witness. They interviewed some of the prisoners to whom he has ministered.

Imagine little old me... with my love of this ministry and sharing Christ with prisoners...and my love for the Gators. I was on cloud nine. The only thing that could have made it better was the Gators winning a National Championship! And then, they did.

Hats off to Tim Tebow for his outstanding and bold witness. I pray more of us would follow his example! (Read more here.)

I can't find the video clip from the pre-game show on line, but I recorded it and here are some quotes:

"It's not how many touchdowns you score, it's not how many championships you win -- what you are doing that's going to last forever?" Tim Tebow

"For him to come to a prison, his presence said to me that through hard work and making right decisions will bring about a victorious successful life." Howard Tyson, inmate at Lawtey Correctional Institute

"The hypocrite doesn't last a second in our minds. The genuineness is what makes it stick." Larry Montgomery, inmate at the Lawtey Correctional Institute

"Not only did it put hope within me, it put hope in a lot of other people." Another inmate at the Lawtey Correctional Institute

"I want to do things that matter, things that are important, things that are gonna last far beyond Heisman Trophies and championship games. So I want to take that opportunity and take that blessing and use it as much as I can." Tim Tebow

(Image © University of Florida)

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viking mother

I will have to share your thoughts on Tebow with my Florida raised Seminole husband who (of course) was rooting against the Gators.

And his rabid ally (our son adopted from foster care) who does NOT share our DNA but who somehow got a sports transfusion and shares most of my husband's rabid sports affiliations...

As I sip from my Gator mug of course!

There's rejoicing in "The Swamp" today!!!


Hi there. I'm trying to find that same video, because I couldn't hear it. By the way, the prison is Lawtey Correctional Institute. (I grew up in Lawtey.)

Diane Singer

My father graduated from OU, so I felt torn as I watched the game last night. Overall, however, I rejoice at how Tim Tebow is handling such phenomenal success. Looks like he is well-grounded in eternal values, and that's wonderful to see, especially in one so young.

Gina Dalfonzo

Fixed. Thank you, Beth.

David Wayne

Catherine - it is indeed great to be a Florida Gator. I had the good providence to have Tim's father as my youth minister when I first got saved and I can see his influence - he is one of the most tenacious people for his faith I have ever met. As happy as I am for the victories of Gator Nation, I am like you, I'm even happier that our university has had people like Danny and Tim to represent it.

Donald James Parker

Tim Tebow is the epitome of what a young man should be. Having Husker DNA instead of Gator, I was pulling for the Sooners. However, having Tim involved in winning the championship and enhancing his ministry prowess even further tremendously softened my disappointment with the game. It is true that what really matters are the things that last forever. Football trophies tarnish and fade away but what Tim does for God will endure forever. We need more men like him.
Donald James Parker
Author of All the Voices of the Wind

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