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January 28, 2009

The Point Radio: It’s Never Too Late

The words "I'm sorry" might be the most difficult and most important words any of us will ever say....

Click play above to listen.

Learn more about the Apology Project.

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James Willis

I think this is a great sentiment, but we must be very careful here. In your commentary you emphasized that Apology is only the first step in reconcliation. I prefer not to even use the word Apology. I prefer confession, repentance and forgiveness as spelled out clearly in scripture. I don't know all the details of this project, but Biblical Forgiveness takes two people, both must participate fully for it to work. So often today people use the word apology and even forgiveness to mean just an emotional communication where superficail words are exchanged, but no real change takes place. This is not forgiveness, but just people trying to feel better about themselves without doing the hard work of confession or repentance.

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