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January 27, 2009

The Point Radio: A Sports Gene

Are your kids future Olympians or Pro football players?

Click play above to listen.

Juliet Macur, "Born to Run? Little Ones Get Test for Sports Gene," The New York Times, 29 November 2008.

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Gregory D. dellinger

I have read and supported your ministry and even been involved with prison ministry in my county. I just want to ask as i read comments about all of the politacal stuff you put out. When do you get tired of bashing and bashing. Lets stop it and humble ourselves turn from our ways and pray. This is rediculous. I didnt vote for the guy thats in office but WHO CARES. Lets get to work and quit with our own agendas. You guys are not winning people to Christ you are turning them away. Please! You need new bracelets what would Jesus say. Your words are not fragranced as with salt. They are full of hate and vinager. I love you but please stop already

Gina Dalfonzo

Gregory, you're welcome to share your thoughts, but this particular post wasn't related to politics or "bashing." We prefer for the commenters to stay on topic whenever possible. If you had posted this under a political post, that would be all right. Just something to keep in mind for the future.

(New bracelets?)


Gregory does bring up a good point, Gina (albeit in the wrong post). His comment is eerily like those that the Fundamentalist movement of the early 1900s made, in encouraging believers to focus on winning the lost at the expense of political activity.

We might ask Gregory for his views on the movie "Amazing Grace" - assuming, of course, that watching movies is permissible. (My wife had to sneak into a theater with her rebellious aunt to be able to see "Mary Poppins" as a child. OK, you can stop blinking now.) Were Wilberforce, his supporters, and John Newton all wrong about how to end slavery in England?

Personally, I have to applaud Chuck Colson and all of you at The Point for figuring out how to integrate faith and action as well as you do. I'm sure it leads to many challenging decisions each and every day.

But I suppose there will always be those who will want to reduce the scope of church activity. Unfortunately, it can lead to avoiding someone who's been beaten by thieves, letting a filthy Samaritan get all the credit for being "Good". Political activity necessitates interaction with the unclean. It's so much nicer not to be "in the world"; alas, if only Jesus had let us off the hook. I applaud Anne at the one end of the table, Roberto at the other, and all the other Pointers wherever they may sit, for the work you do. Latex bracelets, please - not shackles.

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