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January 28, 2009

Stimulus? Please. Try ’Generational Theft Act.’

Credit to Andy McCarthy for thinking up that alias. It's perfect.

Of the many things that I find disturbing about these bogus stimulus efforts is that they really are a theft by the generational majority from the smaller generations. Ditto expansion of entitlements with bankrupt trajectories under Bush. Ditto the annoying fact that nine out of every ten bond initiatives that show up on your annual voting ballot get passed.

Having expanded the "general welfare" clause of the Constitution to mean "do whatever feels good," American democracy has turned into a massive credit card that AARP and their constituents swipe at every opportunity and pass on to the young to pay. With interest galore.

Gee, thanks. Don't worry about us. We're just your children and grandchildren.

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Heh. Thanks Beth!

Also, obviously, I wrote:

"theft by the generational majority of the smaller generations"

Stealing actual generations of people being an exceedingly difficult thing, what I *meant* to write was something like:

"theft by the generational majority against the smaller generations" (or some such)

It was late ... I was tired.

Gina Dalfonzo

No, that was me. You had another preposition -- I forget what it was -- that I didn't think fit, so I put it in "of." But you're right, that's not very clear either. I think "from" would probably be best. Hang on a minute and I'll fix it.


It is a very stupid Ponzi scheme which also works with all its might to kill off 1/3 of the future bottom of the pyramid.


Allen wrote: "Stealing actual generations of people being an exceedingly difficult thing,"

Actually, given the fact that some of the stimulus money will be funding abortions, that may be happening, too.


Oops. I just read the later post saying that part was dropped. For once, I'm glad I got something wrong.


Correction or not, Lisie, your point is still a valid one, at the macro level of the progressive agenda (as labrialumn notes as well). To LA's point, it IS a giant ponzi scheme - especially social security, but other entitlements and bond-funded items less obviously - except that ponzi schemers rightly recognize the mathematical reality that the scheme requires *increasing* numbers of participants. Our dear progressive friends, who find math a nuisance and reality "relative", actually run a ponzi scheme which seeks *fewer* numbers of participants, as attained in Western Europe, Japan and the like. That's just dumb.

At least the US still has enough breeders to counteract the progressives, so that we are at a birthrate stasis point. But that's not close to enough. The scheme requires population growth.

Or we'll go bankrupt to a degree that makes this recession seem like the apex of happiness. Not to worry, though; those who put us in this mess will be sleeping soundly under the turf. Why should they suffer, after all?


Allen wrote: "Not to worry, though; those who put us in this mess will be sleeping soundly under the turf. Why should they suffer, after all?"

As Sherlock Holmes once put it, "My blushes, Watson": their bodies may be under the turf, but the rest of each of them will likely be somewhere quite warm and wormy.

And one might hope that they won't suffer *that* much, but it'll be kinda out of our hands.

Jason Taylor

Er, by the way, it is not the number of participants that counts but the amount produced. Don't make the old mistake of confusing humans for rabbits.


What's really sad is that the vast majority of the younger generation that's being robbed doesn't participate in the civic process at all.

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