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January 30, 2009

Revolutionary Message or Just Another Hollywood Lie?

Revolutionary_road I've been hearing quite a bit about the Oscar-nominated (for supporting actor, art direction, and costumes) film Revolutionary Road, enough to convince me not to waste my money. This article by Jennifer Roback Morse is a great summary of why filmgoers should stay away from this movie, no matter how much the folks out in La La Land keep harping on its supposed greatness.

Here's one telling paragraph from Dr. Morse's review: "But what makes this movie so bad is not just the hackneyed storyline, but the socially irresponsible message the movie conveys. I am talking about the thinly veiled hostility to children, combined with the nauseating narcissism of the adults. In an era of demographic decline, the message that children are the problem and abortion is the solution is grotesque." In contrast, Dr. Morse recommends another film, Demographic Winter, which shows "the consequences of the population collapse of industrialized countries." 

I'm curious about whether any of our Pointificators have seen either film. If so, what did you think? 

(Image © DreamWorks/Paramount Vantage)

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We saw previews of this one recently and, like so many previews we see, this one did nothing to make us want to spend actual money to go see it. Looked like the story of a couple of very self centered people who are unwilling to be thankful for what they have - which looked like a pretty comfortable life. I think is is probably more a reflection of Hollywood's attitude toward the middle class. By the way, we went to see Gran Torino, the Clint Eastwood film shot right here in Michigan. It has pretty nasty language but a pretty compelling story which touches on faith.

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