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January 22, 2009

Pandora’s box

On the booing of Bush at the Inauguration, blogger "no exit" at TPMCafe opines,

In all fairness, the man deserves boos and worse for the conduct of his criminal administration, but, I find myself feeling much as I did about the protests over Rick Warren's inclusion in the ceremony. That it is time to restore some civility and some dialogue to our nations discourse and, finally, restore rational thought as our guiding principle. In order for this to happen, we must be willing to speak with the Rick Warren's of the world, or anyone in fact, who is truly interested in dialogue and with whom we can find common ground. While Bush's administration needs to be investigated and, most likely prosecuted, yesterday's demonstration seemed rude. As a nation, we are better than that or so I'd like to believe. I am comforted by the fact that the booes were not overwhelming or particularly venomous, more a reflexive reaction of disgust to the mere sight of the worst president in our nation's history. 

Another encouraging sign is the positivity on the part of most of the blogosphere and blogopundits. Aside from the very few influential right wing sites, the internet coverage has been for the most part approving of Obama's conduct so far. I am confident that as we move forward and make the hard decisions of which Obama so pointedly reminded us, that Brad Delong can disband his Order of the Shrill and that Bush Derangement Syndrome will go the way of polio and small pox, virtually stamped out except for infrequent outbreaks occasioned by particular spasms of disgust as the sordid tale that was his presidency finally unravels.

I wouldn't bet on it. When for eight years you've been encouraging and applauding the "venomous" and the "shrill," there's no stuffing back into the box what you've brought forth. As another blogger, The Anchoress, mentioned in a post I linked to in yesterday's Roundup, the Left may find that its behavior has reverberations far greater than it may have anticipated -- and that a few bromides about hope and change have little power to change minds nourished on anger and hate.

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On the blogs, on comment boxes for news articles, the Left are crowing that the Christians are now irrelevant and be shut up. And much worse. The hatred expressed by such a large minority of the population is too much like that of the Germans prior to Krystalnacht.

The hatred is truly chilling.

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