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January 23, 2009

Obama repeals Mexico City policy

. . . Then again, perhaps the religious left doesn't always get what it asks for.

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It makes me physically sick to think of American money - MY money - going to fund sterilization programs. What's even worse is that I know there are people in this country who think the forced sterilization of the poor is justified, I quote, "poor people don't need to have tons of kids anyway".

So much for change we can believe in.

Diane Singer

The Peruvian critic of this reversal in policy has it right, I think: "The hard-earned American tax payers' money will be diverted from poor children and
women to the fat salaries of feminist leaders."


It sickens me that even though Obama claims he believes "that government should not intrude on our most private family matters", yet he has the audacity to reach into our pockets and take our hard earned money to fund procedures that more than half of the American people do not support


What evidence the "religious left" did not desire this outcome as well? They knew he was a crocodile when they got on his back.

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