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January 09, 2009

Movie poll

Oscar The verdict is in: Point readers want to hear more about ethics and transformed lives. In the age of Blagojevich, Fannie & Freddie, and a general atmosphere of "anything goes" in politics, economics, moral issues, and elsewhere, probably not a big surprise. Thanks to those of you who voted, and we'll try to keep this in mind as we research and prepare future posts.

Now, to go with my post about possible Oscar nominees, we have a new poll up. Go to the right-hand column to vote. And click below to see the full results of the "topics" poll (thanks to Travis for compiling them).

Total Votes: 113
10.6% -- 12

47.8% -- 54

26.5% -- 30
Restorative Justice

45.1% -- 51
Transformed Lives

25.7% -- 29
Youth Issues
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Diane Singer

I vote "Other" since you don't have a category for me: "used to watch it religiously, but no more given the destructive worldview of the nominated films."


Ditto Diane. She describes my position exactly. Tolkien fanboy that I am, I enjoyed the crowning of the "King" a few years back but that was about the last Academy Awards show I watched. Last year I had seen none of the films nominated for best picture and took that as a point of pride.

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