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January 26, 2009

’They just care about babies’

March1 Hard to believe we've reached a point where that would be considered a bad thing, isn't it? Read more about things heard and seen at last week's March for Life in Kathryn Lopez' excellent report at NRO.

Like Kathryn, I also saw pro-choice counter-protesters in the crowd at the Supreme Court. One woman was arguing fiercely with some of the marchers: "Do you really want to pay for all those children?" I was too far away to jump into the conversation, but the first thing I would have wanted to say was, If we said yes, would you let us? The second thing was, Why is it that those who follow the supposedly tolerant and compassionate ideology are willing to wipe out children for money?

March4 I was reminded of that scene again the very next day when posting the story about the Malual quintuplets. While members of the Grace Baptist Church in Bowie, Maryland, were helping care for the babies and their mother, as reported in the Washington Post article, others were busy filling the Post's comments section with derogatory and sometimes profane comments about the "disgusting thief" and her "5 little money-makers."

On which side of that argument would the pro-choicers fighting for "human rights" and disdaining those who "just care about babies" come down, do you suppose?

(Images © Gina Dalfonzo)

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You're on a roll, Gina; please don't stop.

I still think sacrificing children for the sake of prosperity is worship of Molech. And God takes a particularly dim view of obeisance to that idol.

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