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January 22, 2009

Hard questions

Mosteller2b Here I am at Blogs4Life, where Reverend Samuel Mosteller of Pro-Life Unity just delivered a sobering talk about some of the internal discussions and questions the pro-life movement needs to be raising. Among other things, we need to figure out why we're not reaching the black community with our message -- leaving them unaware of the "invisible . . . black genocide" within their own communities -- and how we can more effectively do that.

The subject came up of an ostensibly pro-life Georgia legislator who was heard saying that without abortion, "we will be overrun by black babies," an account confirmed by another conference attendee and also by a quick Google search. (The same search also turned up reactions by some who thought the timing of that revelation, and possibly the revelation itself, ill-advised. Perhaps it's not so surprising that we're having trouble reaching the black community.)

Obviously, that's an extreme example. But all of us need to be asking ourselves some of the questions that Rev. Mosteller raised. Not just the question about how to reach the black community, but also this one: If abortion were to end today, how many of us would reach out and help the mothers and families in need? And this one: "Are we going to be ideologues for one party or another, or are we going to stand for righteousness and justice?"

(Image © Pro-Life Unity

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There are so very many families wanting to adopt. Loving homes is a non-issue.

As long as racially-organized churches "Black churches" hate European Americans and don't trust them, they will not listen to European-Americans in the pro-life movement.

Surely you are aware of the racist hate-poem used as a benediction at the inauguration on Tuesday? That is emblematic of the problem.

We need African-American pro-lifers to take the message. They might be listened to.

The "Black Churches" also need to (just like the rest of the Church also needs to start doing) follow the Bible's teachings on sexual purity. Statistics indicate that this isn't happening on a statistically-significant level.

Gina Dalfonzo

Loving homes and adoption weren't issues that were raised in this particular talk. The focus was more on the way that Planned Parenthood (among others) have so deceived the black community that, Rev. Mosteller said, many black people believe that Planned Parenthood does some good. Hence the invisibility of the genocide going on right there in the community.


You mean the Republican legislator Glenn Richardson, don't you?

Gina Dalfonzo


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