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January 14, 2009

Go to the ant, thou adulterer

Ant Ah, the ant--paragon of industry and efficiency. According to this article in Time, one reason for ants' well-ordered society may be their intolerance of sexual shenanigans. Biologist Jurgen Liebig, who co-published the study mentioned in the article, observed, "The idea that social harmony is dependent on strict systems to prevent and punish cheating seems to apply to most successful societies." 

Perhaps we can still learn a thing or two from the proverbial ant.

(Image © Makezine)

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Jason Taylor

Of course ants, also run communist totalitarian societies and sometimes own slaves. So it all depends on what we learn.

viking mother

Anyone involved in foster care can see the HORRORS visited on innocent young children (both before & after birth in some cases) by parent(s) who are slaves in the porn industry and/or slaves to drugs (prostitution and illegal drug use go hand in hand many times).

What utter waste!

Don't let anyone tell you that prostitution (or indeed sleeping around) is a "victimless crime".)

Rachel Coleman

Jason, don't forget those army ants that devour everything in their path. Very capable critters -- a model of efficiency!

At least bees give us honey. But the queens are rather polygamous ...

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