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January 05, 2009

Death Camps: Why Christianity Is Necessary for Human Rights

Shin_donghyuk Every once in a while I hate reading, and the other day was one of those times.

As I was enjoying my Christmas vacation--going here or there, cooking this or that, attending Christmas Mass--some people a world away were being tortured and abused because of their faith or political beliefs, including prisoners in North Korea. Most North Korean prisoners who get shipped to the infamous Camp 14 never get released, but thankfully, one prisoner did escape, and tells of the horror of genocide. Read here and here

How could atrocities like North Korea's genocide continue with political organizations like the United Nations around?   

Joe Loconte identifies the problem. He writes, "The problem is that rights have been profoundly secularized--and severed from their deepest moral foundation, the concept of man as the imago Dei, the image of God."

(Image © Blaine Harden for the Washington Post)

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I feel ya. Not only around the holidays, but every "routine" day I have is horror for others. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. How do we do something *meaningful* to stop this injustice?

Kim Moreland

First of all, pray. You can get in touch with (to work or donate or both) some of the great groups who are working for justice like North Korea Freedom Coalition http://www.nkfreedom.org/, and the Freedom House http://www.freedomhouse.org/. I'll try and put a list together in the near future of organizations which work for freedom. Also, call your representatives.




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