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January 15, 2009

Chinese winter

Many people worry that China will "'dominate the 21st century.'" As Roberto argues in this BreakPoint WorldView article, they might be right to worry -- if the Chinese government weren't so busy undermining their nation by creating a "Demographic Winter" through forced abortion.

(For a free e-mail subscription to BreakPoint WorldView, click here.)

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Nathanael Snow

Why should Christians care whether China dominates the next century? China has many human rights problems, but so does the US. We are heavily protectionist, especially in regards to migration, which may be the greatest injustice the world currently has to deal with.

Samuel X

I've heard it commented before that within the next twenty years or so China will no longer be a superpower, simply because they will no longer have population base to support their army.

Of course, by that time the US may not be a superpower either, because we lack the motivation and self-governance that it entails.

Jason Taylor

1. Having a country that people are so eager to live in that denying them entry is considered by Nathanael Snow to be "the greatest injustice the world currently has to deal with" is in itself reason enough to care about the interests of the United States.

2. You care about the interests of your country like you care about the interests of your family. Assuming an Olympian posture over the mass of mankind and claiming to judge between them equally is hubris. It also leads to self-hatred as people who claim to do so tend to be loyal to every country but their own. Unless it is your claim that Christians should stop being human, Christians should care what happens to their country.

3. China will not dominate the next century because China does not dominate the sea or the air which elements are present in most of the earth.

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