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January 13, 2009

It’s all about image

Cheney the monster and Carter the hero? Jay Nordlinger begs to differ. His piece about how the media and the educational system create the images they want us to see -- and we obligingly bow to their authority -- is sobering but important reading.

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viking mother

Yes, Cheney is portrayed as a thug

But had the mid Sept market dive been a mid Sept terrorist attack, we would all relish his & Pres. B's toughness...

(And as Mr. Nordlinger hits on other media image shaping - he mentions how college students started laughing at the name of"Palin". I too heard the beginning of laughter (sucked in - these kids were polite) when I mentioned some of Palin's actual achievements (Fact versus Image Marketing - here)

The students were from mostly Chicago area colleges. (Guess which name drew a hush from them - a reverential hush!)

But really---which VP would the nation rally round if we had experienced another major terrorist attack this past Sept???

Mr. Biden? Or Mr. Cheney

The Bush resoluteness and the Cheney toughness would have (once again - remember 9/11???) heartened us to stand firm.

And we would be welcoming the former Vietnam vet (who experienced terrorist torture) and the stylish yet substantial "Mama Grizzly Bear" Palin to assist him.

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