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January 22, 2009

Makes you think

Video © CatholicVote.com, via HotAir

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My only (small) critique would be that I wish this video was directed toward mothers-to-be, inspiring them and empowering them to choose life.

Rolley Haggard

Ditto my remarks here - http://thepoint.breakpoint.org/2009/01/22-weeks.html#comments

Video is to this generation what hillside preaching was to Christ's.

Encore!! (which, being translated from words to spirit, meaneth, "Preach it!")

And to paraphrase a bumper sticker proverb: When filmmakers "preach" (like this), the preachers will follow.


Excellant. Hope it makes people think!

Steve (SBK)

Wow. Just saw this (can't view Youtube at work). Wonderful.


As a pro-choice American (for all the reasons President Obama enumerated in his statement yesterday) I must say that this ad represents what I have always thought was the smart way for the pro-life movement to go. The legal fight to overturn Roe is doomed, especially now. Ads like this are far more powerful than the yearly march on the Mall.

I am pro-choice, but that means that I respect the choice of a mother to bear her child, and like the vast majority of pro-choicers, that is the choice I prefer and encourage. BUT, as Obama stated yesterday, I also hold to the principle that the government has no place in the intimate decisions of reproduction, and that includes abortion and contraception.

That is where the argument is, and that is why the pro-life side lost three abortion-related ballot initiatives in '08. A majority of Americans, while not happy about legal abortion, are more uneasy about government mandating their reproductive decisions. It's actually a sort of conservative position on our part. Oh, and just try going back to pre-Griswold days. You think the GOP is in the wilderness now...


Andy wrote "... I also hold to the principle that the government has no place in the intimate decisions of reproduction, and that includes abortion and contraception."

That seems to me to be a prime example revealing an irony in the pro-choice position. If you don't want government involved in abortion and contraception decisions, then you shouldn't want government involved in funding abortion and contraception either. I think the very act of funding them means government IS involving itself in the decision.

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