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December 12, 2008

Who Is Jesus Christ to You?

Jesus_birth_1 Since we're in the midst of what I call the "silly season" with all its frenzied preparations, I thought it might be edifying  to take a few minutes to think about Who it's all about -- and in a very personal way.

So, in 100 words or less, tell us who Jesus Christ is to you. 

(Image courtesy of One Year Bible Blog)

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(It's a bit intimidating to think of writing a 100-word essay to be read by a college-level English teacher, but here goes... :-) )

To me Jesus makes the world rational, in the sense of the "Golden ratio" that is simultaneously precise and beautiful. He harmonizes intellect and passion, as reflected by the glorious and also mathematically precise music of J.S. Bach. He lets me see and live in a world that is not puzzling pieces that shift with the sands of time, but an integrated whole from beginning to end. He pulls together my heart *and* my mind *and* my soul *and* my strength.

Rolley Haggard

Jesus said, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father.”

We stumble over what God is really like until we see that the man on the street – less the sin – is what God is like. Jesus was the Man on the street, without sin. And He was God.

God is a person. So is an angel. So is a man. Whatever a “person” is, God is, you are, I am. Jesus showed us the Father is just another person – a person who happens to be God.

We stumble at this, not because of darkness, but because of unbearable glory.


We were created to be WITH God. We Chose to do our own thing. Jesus said the "Good Shepherd" (actively) GOES OUT to FIND his sheep. rather than (passively) waiting around.

When the angel came to Mary, the name was not suggested. It was clear, "You WILL call his name Jesus. So it IS all in the name. God came down to (personally/actively) restore a broken relationship with his beloved creation (despite our STUPIDITY). He already had a name BEFORE He even came - His name was/is/will be JESUS (GOD WITH US).

After dying to free us and raising from the dead to seal the deal, He even sent his very Spirit so He might remain with us.



At Christmas I think of Philippians 2:5-11. Here is Jesus, as He wants me to see Him. The awesome God who created everything, who because of His nature, cannot allow for my existence apart from Him, Who came to save me from His wrath. He did not come as should: a Righteous Judge. He came as His Love desired, to suffer the wrath that rightfully belongs to me. He would defeat fallen creation by succumbing to its curse, defeating its demand for death. He did this even while He knew I would at one time revile Him. That I could somehow approach the same attitude He had, that I could somehow attain to understand the depth, the height, the length and the breadth of that Love.

Sorry I didn't get it down to 100 words, but I tried...

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