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December 17, 2008

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Apocalyptic Edition

Apocalypse Offline, we've just been discussing the impending end of the earth.

The latest news is that the earth may have a hole--not in the ozone layer, but in its magnetic field. We're not kidding -- read here. And we thought the asteroid was bad news. Our good friend Roberto keeps us informed of these things, spreading the holiday cheer we all so desperately need.

It seems we're not alone in bracing for either a) the Apocalypse or b) as Roberto likes to say, not the start of The End Days, but a whole bunch of really crappy ones in a row. (Roberto, it seems, has been reading The Great Mortality: An Intimate History of the Black Death, the Most Devastating Plague of All Time by John Kelly. He highly recommends it.) Hollywood is pretty sure it's about to happen also. Between the new movies 2012 and Knowing, we're actually a little late around here in getting on the apocalyptic band wagon.

So in hopes that you'll be well prepared and also prepare your children well for what may be everyone's last Christmas, I've worked up a little recommended reading list, BreakPoint style. Here are a few titles to put under the tree or use at bedtime:

  • Goodnight Moon, and Other Stories of Impending Nuclear Holocaust
  • Who Moved My Planet?
  • The Monster at the End of This Book (includes your own envelope of anthrax powder)
  • Chicka-chicka-atomic-boom-boom
  • Horton Hears a Hypercane
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? (I See Pestilence in 2023)

While you're at it, you might want to go ahead and order a set of rapture preparedness cards for your church or home. They're really a must-have.

(Image courtesy of Evermotion.org)

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On the black death, I cannot recommend highly enough the novel _The Doomsday Book_ by Connie Willis.

I'm reasonably sure that we will continue to celebrate the Holy Nativity in heaven and in the new heavens and the New Earth.

We are indeed in a peculiar, extreme, and extended solar minimum, much like that of the Year Without A Summer in early 19th century America, when Americans starved to death due to famine, and that of the Little Ice Age which ended the 500 year-old Norse colonies in Greenland, let Hans Brinker skate on the Dutch canals, and allowed the militia to haul the canon down from Fort Ticonderoga to break the siege of Boston in 1775.

We don't know how long this "Gore Minimum" will last, but as long as it does, we will have an even colder climate that we would have already had for the next 20 years as part of the normal solar cycle. For reference, we are back to 1980 global temperatures, the Antarctic sea ice is greater than ever recorded, and the Arctic ice is back to 1980 levels, though some climatologists have been caught red-handed fudging data to try to deny that.

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