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December 12, 2008

Frugality: What a Novel Idea

With the changing economic conditions and the job market going kaput, frugality has been making a comeback. People have decided that they need to only spend what they already have. What a novel idea! Don't spend what you don't have! Too bad it took an economic crisis to help us realize that that is the only way to live life.

Our grandparents wisely understood the principle of living within ones means and not spending what you don't have. Not surprisingly, they or their parents were fresh out of the economic dark ages of American history. And yet, not even three generations later, we're learning that we can't live lavishly forever. Those who grew up learning to say no paved the way for a generation of financially successful parents whose kids had to have their own rooms and whatever else they wanted. Now we're back here again.

Frugality is reemerging, according to a recent article, because it's once again chic to be thrifty. Frugality is taking the form of clipping coupons and repairing possessions, instead of buying new ones. "It is a whole reassessment of values," says Candace Corlett, president of WSL Strategic Retail. "People are learning to say, 'No, not today.'"

Hopefully we can remember these handy hints for good living when we (if we ever get the chance again) find ourselves again in a time of plenty. And then, keep it that way.

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Dale Hartzler

Good point, but I think we can do better than saying "frugality is the only way to live." Don't spend what you don't have is a needed corrective in our spend what you don't have culture.

However, I think Christ calls us to something beyond frugality: generosity. Don't spend what you don't need and give generously.

Chris Lampman

One dilemma I see among younger persons, like myself, is the tension between trying to have the nice cars, homes, and well-to-do life while trying to do it simply and frugal. While I applaud and encourage my fellow generational peers to be frugal and to reassess their values, there is one area in the frugal circle that scares me to be honest. Many try to cut back but in order to maintain their lavish lifestyles they end up stop tithing. I see this all the time with my peers in the 20-30 age bracket. We will gladly give up stop tithing if it means I can stay in my home. But in the long run we are setting a bad example for the generation behind us.



Wow. Stop tithing? Where is that allowed in the Bible? I mean if I had a choice between finding a way to keep paying for internet or stop tithing, but not both, I'd have to say the internet would get nixed before God's House would.

Just refer to Malachi 3:9 which says, "You are under a curse—the whole nation of you—because you are robbing me."

Robbing God. Wow. I wouldn't want to have to answer for that later on because I wanted my luxury now. I would rather eat rice and beans every day for a year rather than have robbing God on my conscience.

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