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December 31, 2008

The Best New Year’s Resolutions

Dr. David Jeremiah's latest newsletter offers these "7 Steps Toward a More Energized Life in Christ." It struck me as the best New Year's resolution list I ever saw, so I'd like to share it with my fellow Pointificators. (I can only hope that I'll be better about keeping THIS list in 2009 than my usual one, which includes such perennially unachieved goals as losing ten pounds.)

1.  Spend time with Him. Relationships are made and fostered by the time we spend functioning within them. Spend time with your Lord in prayer and study of His Word  Reconnect through talking with the Lord of Lords. 

2.  Take obedience to the Lord seriously. The Lord's commands are made out of love for us. He laid them out in His Word so that we might best find His blessings, and to help us avoid the pitfalls of living in this world.

3.  Recognize your sinfulness, and recommit your life to the Lord. Make a spiritual contract with the Lord.

4.  Dive into worship. Worshiping the Lord does not have to be just singing along with the choir on Sunday. While that is good and it honors God, you can also worship Him while going for a walk in His beautiful creation, while marveling at the works He is doing around the world, or recognizing and appreciating the provision that He makes in your life.

5.  Start to tithe. The Lord promises to provide for you and bless you when you are faithful in giving back to Him.

6.  Start serving others. Become the hands of Christ as you serve others and allow the Lord to work through you.

7.  Give thanks to the Lord for all the blessings that He has placed in your life. 

While all these goals are worthy ones, I would suggest that we each start the New Year by focusing on number 7. I've recently started keeping a "Gratitude Journal" to keep track of the many blessings God has poured into my life. I find that it's a great counterbalance to the steady stream of bad news that swirls around me daily -- reminding me that I have much in life to be thankful for and reminding me that God is a good, loving, and faithful Father.   

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While I don't personally do New Year's resolutions (moment by moment repentance, faith and obedience rather than an annual attempt (for personally I stumble daily), this derived from Dr. Schaeffer and Martin Luther), I think that is a good list to recommend to anyone.

Thank you for publishing it, Diane, may it bear much fruit.

Dave Begley

I suggest that #3 should stop after the first 3 words. We need to get off the treadmill of "recommitting" that only leads to more failure, and you can truly appreciate God's grace to us.

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